Based on the idea of transformation and enhancement of existing, Magnete Milano foresees the creation of a new and renovated city centre that attracts activities and functions that characterize this millennium: technology-interactive spaces with an area dedicated to children, a music centre, routes for bikers, a hotel, an area of private healthcare and another one dedicated to other retail activities. Magnete Milano is an opportunity to transform an important part of the city involving different targets: some attracted from the supplied activities, others attracted mainly by the distinctiveness of the site, called to be a place of meeting, fun, “edutainment” and culture.

Magnete Milano offers another large public space to the city: the roof garden. It is a roof garden of about 10,000 sqm, open to the public and animated by different activities. Large tanks will host real woods of native plants, many solar panels will ensure renewable energy independence to Magnete Milano, and several small buildings will host: restaurants, event spaces, also related to the activities of MiCo or to other initiatives, spaces for gardening courses and green art, an arena for music and outdoor showing.