Massimo Caputi decides not to serve on the new Prelios Board of Directors

Milan, Italy, 18th of September 2015 – It now seems certain that Massimo Caputi has asked Prelios shareholders not to serve on the Prelios Board of Directors whose candidate lists will be submitted next week. Massimo Caputi, a top manager and businessman (as founder of Feidos, an indipendent firm of advisory and co-investment), and one of the undisputed leaders in the real estate industry in Italy, indeed considers that the most complex phase of the project to reorganise and relaunch Prelios was completed when the resolution confirming the spin off was passed on 6 August 2015, and now seems he intends to dedicate his time and effort to improving the company’s position as co-advisor, above all to avoid any conflict as manager.

The project to relaunch Prelios (former Pirelli Real Estate), which raised a great deal of scepticism, was completed in just two years and today the service platform enjoys excellent credibility with the investors who deal in Italy; a number of these will very probably be the permanent industrial partner that the shareholders (above all Pirelli who holds a shareholding of more than 40% in Prelios) and Caputi are thinking of.